Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Strawberry Crescent Rolls

Kiddo and I were a little bored this evening. So we decided to make dessert. I wasn’t feeling up to a whole bunch of measuring so I went with super simple. Crescent roll wraps. I had blogged about them before, but my house has been full of other goodies. Well, until yesterday, when I devoured we finished off the cake. We settled on putting strawberries in them since that makes them healthy right? Ha. Who am I kidding? We sliced them up and sugared the strawberries and I added a very small dab of butter to the inside of the roll AND sprinkled a bit of raw sugar on top because I thought it looked pretty. Kiddo had a lot of fun. You can see his handy work below, he got to slice strawberries with a real “grown up” knife. He then put the strawberries in a plastic bowl. After I had added the sugar and placed the lid on top, he shook them all together. We put 1 scoop of the berries on top of the rolls and then I did my best to sorta roll them all up. They actually came out decent looking, which really didn’t matter because they were devoured. Every last one.  FYI these little babies are tasty with a scoop of ice cream (err we use Dryer’s Frozen Yogurt, but it’s really the same thing).

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