Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy Find

I like coasters. I like that they keep the condensation off of my desk. Who likes desk puddles? No one. I like that they can add some color or a bit of art on a mostly utilitarian space. They are usually cheap.  And there are a lot of fun ones out there. The last set I bought were from Target, but tonight, as I was browsing Etsy (as I so often do) and I came across those beauties that I posted above. Super neato! Something inside of me makes a happy noise whenever I find something I am looking for that has just a splash (or a dallop) or geek. $16 will getcha a set of 4. And then you, ruler of the geeks, will have a place for your chalice. Or your iced coffee. Either or….

Girlscantell's Etsy

image via girlscantell's etsy

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