Monday, September 20, 2010

Menu Planning

Planning my weekly menu is one of the things I loathe doing. I put it off. I know that having one makes my life easier and I spend less and I waste less and we eat less fast food and and and. Still, I wait until an hour before we HAVE to go get groceries and I reluctantly pull out the pen and pad. My boy tries to be helpful. The kiddo does too. Every week I comment about how I should just keep record of my menus. Then after compiling several, I can tweak and reuse the existing ones. But I don’t. The grocery lists are scribbled on scraps of paper, with the “menu” being a list of 4 or 5 dinners for the week. Since I have a habit of figuring out what bothers me and then rushing straight into it, I have decided that I am going to figure this menu thing out. AND I am going to post it for my many few readers will see this and then, through the power of internet peer pressure, hold me to it. I am going to start posting my menu, with grocery list and any pertinent recipes EVERY WEEK. Do you hear that internet? And after some time I will have accrued a database from which my lazy butt can finally be free of this monkey menu on my back. So feel free to post any suggestions, tips, resources that YOU use to plan your menu. And I want to know, are you a weekly or monthly or *gasp* yearly planner?

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