Thursday, September 9, 2010

Etsy Find

Have you seen these reusable sandwich bags? Kiddo has a reusable lunch box, stainless steel water “bottle”, stainless steel soup bowl thing and lots of containers in various sizes for his food. I am not happy with what we use for his sandwiches. After seeing these on Etsy, I became even less happy with what we have. These bags have velcro for a closure which I'm a little unsure about. It might get too messy with the food. But I’m like a little bug attracted to all the nifty colors that are available. Oh and the novelty of it too. *SIGH* Now my clicky finger is twitching to buy a few. Have any of you ever used anything like this?

6 bucks will get you one from Zummi’s Esty page.

Photograph via Zummi’s Etsy site.

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