Sunday, September 19, 2010

Baked French Toast (part 2)

I finished up the french toast this morning. It came out wonderfully. I tried to flip the french toast halfway through, but I was only able to flip one. Next time I won't be trying that. When I went to serve them once they were done, they stuck to the bottom of the pan. So I have 2 options. Either I will grease the pan better before I place the pieces in to soak overnight. Or, I will pan fry them before baking. The picture below is what they looked like when I pulled them out of the fridge this morning. I could have easily thrown them into a pan to sear them a bit, to help with the sticking. Beyond the aesthetics of the toast, the flavor was YUM. It had a bit of bread pudding taste to it. Perfect! I sliced strawberries and placed them on top, and they really complimented the toast. Kiddo had Nutella spread on his and he thought it was tasty. I know I will be making these again, maybe next Sunday.

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  1. THose look FABulous! Flipping half-way through rarely works for me. Sometimes it's that I forgot to grease the pan, but sometimes I just think it's because I'm uncoordinated!