Wednesday, October 20, 2010

J-E-double hockey sticks-O

I bought a silicon jello mold. It had leaves and pumpkins and I thought it was lovely. I took kiddo to the store and he selected raspberry jello. We also grabbed a container of cool whip because we were doing this up right! I made the jello and the next day as I removed the tray from the refrigerator it hit me. How was I going to get the jello out of the mold? Here are my ideas, in no particular order:
-Butter knife around the edges
-Pressing them out from the back
-Scooping with a spoon
-More swearing
-Placing in warm water
-Smashing them out
-Inverting the tray onto a cookie sheet and banging against the counter

Let's just say we were a chainsaw shy of a jello massacre in my kitchen that night.

The picture above is the lone survivor. There was a nice heap of jello pieces and luckily the kiddo is not picky. And honestly, neither am I. We enjoyed our jello pieces with our cool whip and we were happy! And don't worry, I didn't try to feed any to my vegetarian boy. Because jello is delicious, but not veg friendly. Don't feel bad for him, he had a cupcake.

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  1. LOL what fun! I've never done a jello mold but I know hot water has always worked for me on jello jigglers.